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Friday, October 14, 2011

Way2sms has been a leading brand for free SMS (Short Message Service) in India, and now its new innovative method for Free Recharge can revolutionize the on going scenario in the Indian market. They have finally started their Free Recharge Service on Indian mobile service providers - Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, Reliance CDMA,Reliance GSM, Tata Docomo, Tata Indicom, Loop, MTS, Virgin Mobile CDMA, and Uninor. Recharge amount starts from Rs.10.

How it works?
1. Go to "Social Ads" page and you will see different "conversationally relevant" ads matching to your profile. Share and spread these ads to your friends on twitter, facebook, linkedin and orkut etc and you get paid for every click or action you receive from your friends.
2. Go to "my earnings" page to check your recharge earnings. Your Earnings can be converted in to Mobile recharge any time instantly.

Advertiser funds your Recharge
Advertisers are trying to reach your friends to promote their ads. Advertisers craft their ads as "social conversations". You can pick these ads that are relevant to your friends and share those on social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, orkut etc. Every click or action you deliver to the advertiser, you get paid with some recharge amount.

Do's and Don't s
In order to ensure a good experience for users and advertisers, you are required to adhere to the following policies
1. For any reason, do not click on your recommended links. Clicking on your own recommendations is prohibited.
2. Do not inflate clicks\ leads artificially or manually. We reserve the right to disable you from further participation in the free recharge option.
3. Do not ask\encourage others to click on your recommended links or use deceptive implementation methods to obtain clicks or leads.
4. You are allowed to recommend only via social networks listed by us or email accounts listed by us.You are not allowed to position our advertisers promotional content or links any where else in your blog or website.
5. Do not alter the link and content displayed by our advertisers.
6. You are not allowed to recommend same ad more than once in a day to your social networks or via emails. 7. Also do not attempt posting manually to your social networks.
8. Never spam by recommending too many brands\products in a short span of time. This will impact your social influence score negatively. Ensure atleast 2 to 3 hours gap between any two recommendations.
9. Irrelevant recommendations to your friends might drop your social influence score and of course your payment too.
10. Recommend only products\brands that gathers interest from your friends. This improves your social influence score and of course your earnings too.
11. Along with ad recommendations, Share informative and general content that you share usually to your friends.
12. The more social influence score you have the more high paying brands/products we display to you. So, keep improving your social influence score by recommending only relevant and interesting ads to your friends.

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  1. ewalier today the fre rrecharge option was coming when i went into further n shared 1 link on fb.. after then it(free recharge option) is nt visible what's the prob.. m i had been rolled out of this??? help me plzzz

  2. you're not rolled out of it. way2sms was checking there new service with few members and now its fully rolled out for everyone.

  3. if you still can't find the "Recharge Option" you can have access to it again by logging in to way2sms by using this link:

  4. i got my first recharge of Rs50 on vodafone

  5. i am fresher for this site. so please send recent update of my account. and there is only 2 social ads can send at a day. if any chance to send more social ads a day.....rply me......

  6. no you can't increase the number of ads/day. it all depends on way2sms. u can ask ur friends to have a look at them on any of the social networking sites.

  7. if one of my frnds make click on the same ad 10 times, wil i get pts for 10 clicks????

  8. if my same frnd click on the same ad 10 times, wil i get pts for 10 clicks???

  9. no don't ask your friend to do that otherwise you will be banned.

  10. i cant recharge my docomo number.. i hav 20rs recharge balance... but all the time when i do, recharge fails.. why is it so??

  11. you should contact way2sms support team to help you with your problem.

  12. hw to see this page on way2 sms site n seeing my earnings?///??///??/??

  13. how mhow much inr do i get fr a single visitor???

  14. Thank you for sharing the wonderful information.

  15. The amount you earn depends on the company that is paying you.

  16. I can't get recharge because not shown the recharge option.

  17. Hey friends get free recharge worth RS 100 daily just by following the link from your android handset .... Enjoy :) :)


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