Saturday, March 26, 2011

Make Single Gmail account act as millions of gmail accounts

You can make your single Gmail Account work as millions of Gmail account by various combinations of symbols.

Here's how it can be done:
Lets say your gmail id is :
now any mail sent to following will go in your
inbox. (you can use as much
DOTS as you wish to and at any location within this
id before @ sign) (any number can be
used between + and @) Means your one Gmail account acts as millions of
gmail accounts.
People creating account on twitter, FB or any other
forum can register using these ids and verification
email will hit one gmail inbox. by the way you can also replace with
and with this one the dots and the numbers will still
work and all emails will hit to your real gmail



  1. really very useful.thank you
    And a really very nice informative blog.

  2. this can help a lot..
    Never knew something like this can be done.
    I'll keep on visiting your blog.

  3. using it successfully :)

  4. helped a lot..
    can i use it with other email services?

  5. no you can't, it can only be used on gmail.

  6. used this for few tweaks on my own blog ;)