Thursday, August 11, 2011

Apple's iPhone 5 Sneak Peak

The much awaited Apple's product iPhone 5 could look something like an enhanced version of iPod as per the leaked mockup designs by MacRumors. The new iPhone 5 will have tapered edges at its back along with a much sleeker look with close resemblance to iPod. It is also rumored that the back of iPhone 5 will have aluminium base instead of the iPhone 4 glassy base.

The final dimensions of the new design are calculated to be: 4.33" x 2.36" and .27" thickness at the top and .21" at the bottom In comparison, the iPhone 4 dimensions are: 4.5" x 2.31" x .37". So the new design is actually shorter than the existing iPhone 4, but slightly wider and thinner. 

The iPhone 5 is expected to be released in September or October of this year.


  1. I think Apple iPhone 5 will outmaneuver Samsumg Galaxy S II