Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Keep Yourself Calm

Often we are nonplussed by obnoxious situations which we can't avoid leading to depression. We are infuriated to such an extent that we may inflict harm to others or even ourselves. This article will guide you on how to cope up with your strong emotions and calm yourself down.

1. Blowing a gasket at work is considered universally uncool, so search for a quieter place away from everyone else as the presence of others might escalate your angry. Try to vent your anger on inanimate objects but remember not to hurt yourself or to damage others property.

2. Think about your situation from a different perspective and try to figure out your own mistakes (if any). If necessary, get yourself in the company of any good friend with whom you would like to share your odd predicaments.

3. If someone else is the cause of your anger then it'd be better to open the floodgates of your emotions strategically if both the sides are willing to work together for a common solution.

4. Try to think about things that makes you happy, it will help in fighting anger as it occupies your mind and shifts your focus on other joyous things.

5. Remember that all you need is a positive attitude to solve more than half of your problems. Negativity in difficult times will ignite your anger more than you can imagine.

6. To avoid stumbling upon a mare's nest which eventually leads to anger and/or depression, get yourself acquainted with the art of living and the art of solving problems.

7. Find something of your interest that play's down your mind, may it be a book, music, any sort of art, game et cetera. You may even shout as loud as you can to let go of stress.

8. Try to breathe through your nose and back out through your mouth as long as you are angry or disturbed. Always try to manage your feelings, don't let your feelings manage you.

9. Writing everything down has been proven to reduce stress. The more descriptive your writing is the less your mind will need to hang onto your predicament.

10. If you are easily exasperated by smallest mistakes, try to carry a don't care attitude. This will help in throwing encumbrance off your mind.


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