Friday, September 16, 2011

Adjust the Frequency of Facebook Email Alerts

Few days back, Facebook sent an Email to all its users mentioning that from now on, it'll send less number of Email notifications to its users. Seems counterproductive, doesn't it? Facebook had already rolled out this new feature few days back, that limits the e-mail frequency of alerts to a summary of popular stories.

Every single user is aware of the pain of receiving excessive e-mail alerts all too well, because of which most of the users are bound to set separate Facebook filters in their email accounts. But, for some users, the old e-mail alert system is what works best and what they are used to - and what they ultimately prefer. With that in mind, we are going to show you how to control the number of notifications you get on your email account.

Follow these Simple Steps:
1. Login to your Facebook account, and navigate to your Account Settings, located under the Account drop-down list.


2. In the left column, click on Notifications.

3. Uncheck the box located under the "Email Frequency" section. Once the box is unchecked, you will resume receiving individual e-mails based on your notification settings.

But if you have finally made up your mind and you don't want to receive individual alerts anymore, navigate back to the same Notifications section and check the box.

While still in the Notifications Settings page, and with the e-mail frequency feature turned off, you will have the ability to edit notifications actions. To do so, while viewing the list of the different categories, click on Edit to select which items you would like an e-mail alert for.

Keep in mind, if you opted to leave the e-mail frequency feature enabled, you will not be able to edit this section of your notification settings.


  1. thank you, i never knew number of notifications can be controlled.

  2. email notifications were really annoying. Good that we can control them.

  3. thank you very much.

  4. Yeah, those notifications were really annoying. Its good that the number is reduced.

  5. just today I keep getting email notifications anytime someone likes my post! It's very annoying and yet the email frequency box is ticked... How can I turn them off completely? Or at least turn them back to the way they were (almost non-existent and not bugging) before?

  6. In your Facebook "Account Settings" on Left Side box click on "Notifications", then on right side there's a box of "Email Frequency", uncheck it and then under "All Notifications" check/uncheck those items for which you want to get notified in your email inbox.