Thursday, September 15, 2011

Facebook's New "Subscribe" Button

Facebook is constantly rolling out its new features in order to contend with its rival "Google Plus". On September 14, 2011 Facebook has introduced its new feature which allows users to "Subscribe" to another user's updates.

In its official blog, Facebook announced that it would begin rolling out the "Subscribe" button, a tool that offers users a new way to interact with one another.

Naomi Gleit, Facebook's director of product said: "Our mission is to connect people and help them share. The goal of this new feature really is to give people more control over how they do that."

The new "Subscribe" button lets Facebook operate more like Twitter by enabling people to "follow" public figures or other users.

How to Enable "Subscribe" Button:
Facebook users can enable "Subscribe" button on their profile by visiting Facebook's subscription page, then clicking "Allow subscriptions" (Perhaps as a sign of how it anticipates its users employing the new tool, Facebook specifically called out "journalists, artists and political figures" as potential users of the "subscribe" button)

After enabling Facebook's "Subscribe" feature, users will be allowed to edit their Subscriber Settings which will allow them to toggle "Comments" and "Notifications."

Once you've approved "Subscriptions" the "Subscribe" button will appear on your profile to the left of the "Message" button.

Do tell us what you think of the new feature in the comments below.


  1. Finally facebook in ahead of google plus.

  2. facebook has always been immitating some of the best features from other social networks, and now it has finally copied the concept of twitter.

  3. IMHO..its good that facebook copies all the good features of other social networking sites. We don't have to switch over to a new network just because of some new features.