Friday, July 29, 2011

Learn the Art of Solving Problems

Almost everyone in their life are stuck at times when they literally don't know what to do. Few of these points regarding "the Art of Solving Problems" will help you in overcoming your fears so that you can be well prepared for all the impending disasters you are about to face in your life.

1. Learn from catastrophe

There is no simple formula for innovation and as usual there are too many solutions for any success story. Whenever you're struck by any catastrophic problem always remember the saying:

Lord grant me strength to change the things I can, courage to accept
the things I can't and wisdom to know the difference between them.
Learn that success and failure are the different sides of the same coin, one is inspirational and the other is educational.

2. Inculcate creativity

Free your mind and eliminate your inner detractor. Make efforts to inculcate creativity in your juvenile mind and learn how to fly by the seat of your pants, remember its never too late to work on something new. Don't be afraid if the outcome is shoddy, try again with an alternate solution till you hit perfection. This will act as your mental dustbuster, sucking up all the negativity that might inhibit creativity later.

3. Divide your work

Don't be overwhelmed by humongous projects, visualize what is to be done, break it into small manageable chunks and try to figure out a way to work through the problem. Working on an isolated piece will help in improving the quality of every tiny bit and thus the entire work by accretion. A pragmatic approach will always increase your chances of success.

4. Admit you need help

At times you are stymied by things that can't be avoided, resulting in frustration which often repercusses as breakdown. There are certain things you can't do on your own or rather just need some sort of stimulation, and therefore should admit that it's time to get some help. It doesn't reflects your incompetence, it can be a sign of new a beginning which will leverage experience.

5. Guide your emotions

According to conventional wisdom, the righteous way to success is to check your emotions at the door. But putting an armor diminishes your ability to work at your best. All kind of emotional outbursts - anger, happiness, anxiousness, breakdown etc should be tackled strategically to pave the way to success. Remember muddling through emotional outbursts is a trait of a maladroit person. Try not to get mad, instead get prompted.