Monday, February 25, 2013

How To Remove Time Stamp From Blogger

Removing Time Stamp from posts can be of some advantage to bloggers. There are few posts in your blog that can be included in the category of  evergreen posts - those that will never lose their worth with time. Bloggers don't want a Time Stamp(indicating when the article was posted), that appears in SERP(search engine result page), to repel any user from visiting their page. So removing the time stamp from Blogger posts can be a good move to optimize your blog for search results.

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Time Stamp can be easily removed by these two methods:

Method 1
1. Open the Layout settings of your Blogger page.
2. Click on the Edit option and uncheck the Time Stamp option from "Post Page Options".

Method 2
Sometimes the default method(1) to remove Time Stamp from Blogger Posts will not work if you are using a custom template, in that case you can use this method.
1. Open Template Settings of your Blogger Page.
2. Click on Edit HTML and  then click on Expand Widget Template.
3. Now search for this code in your template and remove it.
<b:if cond='data:top.showTimestamp'>
<b:if cond='data:post.url'>
4. Now you'd want to remove the respective CSS code of Time Stamp, so search for this code in your template:

and remove the entire code that follows it within its Parentheses. The code would look something like this:
.post-timestamp { background: url("#") no-repeat scroll 0 5px transparent; float: left; padding: 2px 0px 0 30px; }


  1. Thanks Useful Tutorial for me this is working in my blog template thanks

  2. bro can you please check it with Apriezt v 1.2 theme from MKr (themeforest)

    1. Could you please check it yourself first and then let us know what issue do you face?

  3. thanks very much..i have now done so after much trouble with this check out

  4. Thanks for the tip. But it is not working for me.
    I did the first part, but I cannot find the ".post-timestamp" in my html editor.
    Would be glad if you could solve this.
    I am using Lorde template

  5. Thanks bro
    just implemented this trick on my website
    Hoping that date don't appear on my search results

  6. Thank you for this! Worked fine for me! ^_^

  7. This is a good article, I am really happy to land on your blog. thanks for the article.