Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How To Use Tor On Android

A Tor network protects you against a common form of internet surveillance known as Traffic Analysis. While browsing or using any public network you should be aware of the fact that most of the websites can access your information including, but not limited to: your current physical location, your search requests, your interests etc. So, you can use Tor Network in order to stay anonymous and prevent Traffic Analysis protocol from accessing your information. Tor for Android can also be used to access the hidden part of the internet most commonly known as Dark Net or Deep Web.

UPDATED on 12th May 2018.

Learn more about Dark Net or Deep Web:
Beginners Guide to Deep Web or Dark Net.

Accessing internet through smartphones is a very common practice nowadays, and all those who prefer flexibility use Android smartphones. In order to use Tor on your Android device, you need to download Tor for Android from Google Play Store. Although Tor for Android does not require root permission, it can provide some extra features if you have got a rooted device, Transparent Proxying being one of them.

Download Tor for Android

In order to use Tor to browse through the internet on your Android device you can either download Orweb Browser provided by "The Guardian Project" or simply use a Proxy Mobile add-on for Firefox(for Android)

Tor for Android has tons of customization in its Settings menu, which also included Tor Tethering to enable Tor Transparent Proxying for WIFI and USB Tethered Android Devices if you are planning to use your Android internet connection on other devices. Others include Node configuration, bridges, relays, reachable addresses, hidden service hosting etc.


  1. nice guide, but can this open tor sites my device?

  2. Yes it can. You should try yourself.

    1. but opening speed is pathetic, same on computer.

  3. It'll always be slow because of the IP hops.

  4. nice tutorial. thanks.

  5. i downloaded the orbot app on my android phone but i am unable to configure the settings for it. Don't know how to put the bridges,relays and nodes.

    Note:-My phone is not rooted

  6. Proxy error 504, I cant access lots of pages, whyyy???